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Choosing A Property Management Company

11 May

Over the past few years there have been a number of entertaining television shows highlighting the earnings opportunity of renting out houses and apartments. These have encouraged many to enter the property development field for the first time.

All is often not quite as simple as it is made in the world of reality television which is why a good number of those investors realise the wisdom of turning to professional property managers. We have spoken to a number of lettings and estate agents to discover what a landlord should be looking for (and wary of) when choosing a company to look after his/her property portfolio. […]

Visiting Speyside In Scotland

30 Mar

Scotland is a country steeped in history, from it’s brooding and moody glens, ancient legends and heroes, to a modern and vibrant small nation. Tourism plays is a major contributor to the economy, and there are no shortage of famous places top visit, so where can one go to “get off the tourist track”, relax and soak up some of the authentic flavours of the country and its people.

visiting Speyside

Traditional Scottish dancing

I’m going to recommend Speyside, as I feel it contains all you need to experience Scotland without having to spend hours travelling. Let’s discover what this area has to offer.


Scotland is the home of golf and year after year many make their pilgrimage to St. Andrews to see and play the famous Old Course links. Speyside has some of Scotland’s hidden gems, where you won’t have to wait for a game, or pay a fortune.

If it’s natural beauty you want then few course compare to Boat of Garten golf club just outside of Aviemore. Described as the “Gleneagles of the North”  this is a fair, yet challenging, test of a golfers ability. 18 holes, each with their own character keep your mind on your game, yet it is worth looking up and taking in your surroundings, from the River Spey to the Cairngorm mountains. […]

Preparing to Make a Successful Personal Injury Claim

20 Sep

Someone said that accidents are similar to love; they attack the unsuspecting and in most cases violently. Well, this can be argued back and forth but the underlying truth is too obvious to ignore. In the modern world you are prone to accidents wherever you might be.


Walking Victims

Take for instance if you decide to take your dog for a walk in the park. As you take in the breeze you accidentally walk slip on a wet surface outside a popular restaurant. The floor is wet yet unmarked to warn you. You break your collar bone and in no time you are in and out of hospital for therapy. […]

Natural Remedies for Beautiful Hair

5 Sep

There are many different natural remedies that can be used to make your hair more beautiful. As these remedies are natural they can be used as frequently as you want and can be used in place of your normal shampoo and conditioner, or just on occasion to complement these.

beautiful hair
Natural remedies for dry hair

Dry hair has a tendency to look dull and it can be hard to manage after it has been washed. Using natural remedies can improve the appearance of dry hair and make it easier to style. […]